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Submission The time has finally come: leaving Slashdot->

vikingpower writes: "As a member since 1999, I was for over a decade held in thrall by Slashot's legacy. How strongly and fondly can I think back of Cmd Taco. Slowly but gradually, I gathered "excellent karma". Some time in 2009 or 2010, I linked my profile to my very personal poetry site and yes, the trafic from Slashdot did count. Yes, the discussions with other geeks were, in part, memorable. Memorable, too, was being involved in blocking SOPA and PIPA. Memorable was the feedback I got on some posted submissions.

And yet. The screaming from the kids. The bashing on blacks. The increased americano-centrism. The deep-rooted, irrational and anti-scientific skepticism toward climate change. I hate it, hate it. Then came Slashdot TV. And now: SlashBI. I get the gut feeling of being part of a mass audience that is slowly sucked into a larger media corporations' "portfolio", how ugly that word may be.

Thus and therefore, although the decision was suprisingly hard to take: I am out. As of today. Goodbye, goold old Slashdot. I will occasionally check on you, like on an old girlfriend to see if she is still beautiful. But you have taken a direction I came to dislike more and more.

Goodbye, Slashdot !"

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The time has finally come: leaving Slashdot

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