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Submission + - Neural stem cells and regenerative medicine may be key to disease treatment-> 1

ericjones12398 writes: "Core Dynamics, an Israeli-based company, for example, has developed a novel way to freeze-dry and rehydrate cells. Formation of ice crystals during the freezing process can rip living tissue, causing unwanted tissue damage, which is why frostbite can be so dangerous. But freeze-drying could be a boon to health care. For example, a way to store blood at room temperature would be a great cost saving measure, but more than that, it could also allow blood to reach remote, rural areas with ease. Core Dynamics is working on developing a process to safely freeze-dry blood cells. Once perfected, this method could lead to long-term storage of tissue, with a greater level of survival once it is rehydrated."
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Neural stem cells and regenerative medicine may be key to disease treatment

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