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+ - Dolby Labs and Philips unveil Dolby 3D tech to deliver glasses-free 3D in HD->

Submitted by suraj.sun
suraj.sun (1348507) writes "Dolby helped the 3D revolution happen in movie theaters years ago, and now it's teamed up with Philips to do the same for TVs, tablets, laptops and phones. The two companies have created a format and content delivery technology, dubbed Dolby 3D, to bring high definition 3D content to any and all devices with 3D displays, including those that don't require glasses. Its secret sauce automatically optimizes video for different screen sizes and also upgrades half-resolution 3D to full-res. The idea is to provide both broadcasters and OEMs with a way to deliver 3D HD content to customers buying Dolby 3D devices, while remaining compatible with existing 3D gadgets."
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Dolby Labs and Philips unveil Dolby 3D tech to deliver glasses-free 3D in HD

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