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+ - Traffic jam ahead, no problem, take to the skies in your Terrafugia-> 1

Submitted by
techfun89 writes "Your GPS blurts out, "Warning heavy traffic detected in route, 4 miles ahead. Would you like to re-route?" You think, no, and instead issue the voice command, "Set destination to nearest CarPort runway." It's the near future and you are in your Terrafugia Transition vehicle, also known as a "roadable aircraft". After heading to the closest "CarPort" you hit the runway near the parking lot which now features a take off strip for such vehicles and soar at 115 miles per hour towards your destination.

This is the future proposed by many flying car manufacturers. The Terrafugia Transition has two seats, four wheels and folding wings with a propeller.

The Transition flies at a top speed of 115 miles per hour and has a range of 500 miles, while on the road it will top out at 70 miles per hour and get 35 miles to gallon using unleaded gasoline. It has all the features of regular vehicles like airbags, crumple zones and seat belts. The price, a mere $279,000 once it is available."

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Traffic jam ahead, no problem, take to the skies in your Terrafugia

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