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+ - Did dinosaurs really rule the earth? Or the water?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "According to Cambridge scientist Brian Ford, dinosaurs just don't work. They are simply too big to support their own weight, too big to consume enough food to maintain their size and too big to move around with any agility. In an article published in Laboratory News, he argues the best explanation is that dinosaurs lived in water. According to Ford: "When you think of it like that, it all makes sense. The bulky muscular tail would have been impracticable as depicted in the conventional images and the abundant fossil footprints do not show tail dragging. They used the water to support their mass, buoy up their tails, regulate their temperature and provide a habitat for their food. All the research, all the Hollywood films, the artwork, everything need to be revised.""
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Did dinosaurs really rule the earth? Or the water?

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