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+ - USA Votes to Allow Strip Searches for Any Offense-> 2

Submitted by sl4shd0rk
sl4shd0rk writes: Taking a page out of the TSA handbook, the Supreme Court has voted to allow strip searches, for any offense, no matter how minimal. The article has a number of anecdotes including a Nun who was at a protest, and some dude whose wife was pulled over for speeding. The article cites these two tidbits from Justice Anthony Kennedy: "Every detainee who will be admitted to the general [jail or prison] population may be required to undergo a close visual inspection while undressed," and "Maintaining safety and order at detention centers requires the expertise of correctional officials," Officials of which have expertise we are very familiar with
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USA Votes to Allow Strip Searches for Any Offense

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  • This is a problem that legislators need to solve, but it seems like slim odds that we could actually get them to move on it. The TSA is still doing it's dirty business, after all, ten years later.

    At another time maybe this could generate enough of a push to make it happen, but with the Affordable Care Act up for review, the Citizen's United decision now being felt in a big way, and the republican primaries occupying everyone's attention... and it's an election year, so anyone who doesn't treat an accused
    • by Ignacio (1465)

      And further, is this something we really want legislators to focus on? It's important, no question, but it lacks the significance of many of the other issues floating around at the moment: Citizen's United, income disparity, tax reform, the TSA (and Homeland Security in general), copyright/patent abuses, domestic spying, etc.

      Exactly. Throw a firecracker to hide a nuke.

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