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techfun89 writes: "If you like warmer weather, more of it may be on the way. Scientists are stating that by 2050 the global average temperatures will be between 1.4C and 3C (between 2.5F and 5.5F) higher than the average temperatures from 1960 through 1990.

Dan Rowlands, a climate scientist at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom stated, "We've shown that basically we can find a much larger warming by 2050 than we had previously anticipated. This level of warming has not necessarily been seen by a complex climate model before."

Beyond what the findings show here, one thing is certain from actual data points, the Earth is warming. How much it will warm in the future still needs refined data. The effects of warming range from rising sea levels from ice melt to mass extinctions to stronger storms, world-wide, many already occurring."

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Model suggest increase in global warming more than previously thought

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