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+ - How to Make your boss understand the role of IT 3

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I currently work for a small marketing firm that has hired me on to provide support for various things such as data tele's and networking. The problem being my boss has little concern over security and really a lack of knowledge for the need of any of it. what is the best way to bring him on board with the program (He is also in charge of the funding for new equipment and anything else needed)"
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How to Make your boss understand the role of IT

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  • What I have seen is that either their lack of understanding of the need for security exists solely because they really have no idea (even that they have been operating under false assumptions that the 800 pound gorillas that they use in their daily work will some how 'save' them), or, it exists because they choose to ignore facts. -Some would say that ignoring facts could be thought of as a strategy for operations, but that's another conversation. When they have already chosen to ignore, logic is not goi
    • The issue is not going to go away, so, 'The role of IT' is not really the issue. The issue is really one about the culture of the business: IS business conducted in a manner with risks that could potentially cost, or is business conducted in a manner that deliberately minimizes those risks?

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