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+ - Building Expression Evaluator with Expression Trees in C# – Part 1->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "This is first part of a series about writing expression evaluator in C#. Even though there are several of them available already I decided to write my own as this one is based on expression trees and is very simple. The evaluator supports numeric expressions as well as expression with parameters.

In this part we will build a simple expression evaluator which will support expressions like this: “2+2, “2.7+3.2, “1.7+2.9+14.24+6.58, “84+15+4-4*3*9+24+4-54/3-5-7+47, “25/3+1.34*2.56+1.49+2.36/1.48, etc. It will however not be able to parse expression with parentheses or with variables. These features will be implemented in the coming posts."

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Building Expression Evaluator with Expression Trees in C# – Part 1

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