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+ - Dutch Telecom KPN Phone Systems Hacked

Submitted by lbalbalba
lbalbalba (526209) writes "Dutch Telecom company KPN-Telecom phone system had been hacked about a month ago. They didnt notify the authorities up about a week after discovering the break-in. The hack was made possible because the telecom didnt apply security updates, supposedly for years.The hackers had access to, and copied, about 16GB of private costumers data. According to the telecom, in theory the worst-case scenario would have been that thge hackers had been able to disable all telephone calls for all of it's customers: including the inability to call emergency service '211' (the equivalent of 911). What makes this interesting is the fact that all dutch telecoms are required by law to enable people to call emergency service '112' at all times.

Original story (In dutch)

Google translation of dutch story:"
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Dutch Telecom KPN Phone Systems Hacked

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