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+ - It's Time To Fork Ubuntu-> 1

Submitted by sfcrazy
sfcrazy (1542989) writes "Looking at the backlash Ubuntu is getting for announcing HUD, it will boost the migration to Linux Mint. Users who were thinking that Canonical won't mess with Ubuntu anymore and will only focus on Unity mess are disasppointed. 12.04 was their last hope and its gone. I think Ubuntu can still save itself and satisfy both long-time loyal customers and enthusiasts. They need to fork Ubuntu. I propose that Canonical make a version X — UbuntuX (like Debian's Sid) where they can introduce all their experiments and UI changes. The main Ubuntu can stay in sync with Gnome 3 development and offer users the standard GNU/Linux interface so that they don't feel challenges.

This way while Ubuntu will retain (and bring back) old/loyal users and also attract new users who want ease of use and a familiar interface, it will also satisfy the enthusiasts."

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It's Time To Fork Ubuntu

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