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+ - My Wife Wants to Learn Programming 3

Submitted by CrankyFool
CrankyFool (680025) writes "Me: Been around computers for most of my adult life; most of it in IT, but spent some time doing QA and software development

My wife: Not so much. She's an attorney, for heavens' sake. But she's got an interest in technical/geek things (and most of her friends are tech/geeks).

So my wife wants to learn programming, for some amorphous reasons. In her words, "I just want to see if I can learn it and do cool things with it." How's that for vague?

She's got an Android phone and a Windows PC, in case it matters. I can, obviously, easily give her access to a UNIX system if it makes a difference.

Anyone have any suggestions? She thought she'd start with C++, which struck me as ENTIRELY INSANE. I'm thinking maybe Scala (which I don't know) or Python (which I do), but ... it's been a long time since I've thought about how to get started in programming."
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My Wife Wants to Learn Programming

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  • Python is good but just like hammers there a lot of choices
    some very specialized. I am not a fan of languages that only
    display blunders when run (run time only interpreters are evil).

    Python is very portable and easy to look at...
    Java is a quality language and very available.

    C++ books are mostly terrible because the language
    now contains twelve kitchen sinks.

    Do add Haskell to the list.
    Ruby and php are cool and well done except for the run time bit.
    Consider awk, sed, bash and shell tools in general.

    Almost go

  • Python or Javascript (and then jQuery), depending on what she wants to do. Or both. You can make some amazing web projects with that combination, though she'd want to know html/css first. Which may be a good place to start. Make some simple static web pages (or not entirely static if using CSS3 animations), then get motivated to extend them with Python and js.

  • Used to be REALBasic. It is or used to be Mac-centric, though, and I can't speak to how good it is on Windows.

    It's sort of what Visual Basic used to be. Or what HyperCard used to be.

    Tighter integration between the drawing tools and the code. Less awareness of all the moving parts and the build procedure. You can get to the equivalent of "Hello, world" as easily as you'd hope. Open a blank project, drag a BevelButton and a TextField into the window. Double-click the BevelButton. Type in

    textfield1.text = "hel

With your bare hands?!?