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Submission + - Are Wikipedia's days numbered? 1

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: "I am getting concerned that wikipedia is dying a slow death James better known as Jimmy is suffering to keep up his financial commitments.

I hear he has been staving off government agencies to control wikipedia. Is this the real end to wikipedia? Can we not integrate this into Sourceforge etc to help?"
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Are Wikipedia's days numbered?

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  • I am worried about Wikipedia. I've never seen the kind of "personal appeals" that Wiki shows in the main page. From programmers and authors of articles.
    I didn't know that they have less than a hundred people involved in maintaining everything. I've surfed those articles lots of times and i really hope that they get the money they need so i can keep doing so. Everyone enters that webpage once in a while at least, so if those could donate 20 bucks (instead of buying useless things) Wikipedia would have a chan

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