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+ - Working as an I.T. contractor in a war zone 1

Submitted by Capt. Picklepants
Capt. Picklepants (2528594) writes "I have been feeling malaise about the I.T. and technical job market in the United States. I'm interested in doing some I.T. work for our government in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. I've heard it pays very well. Got any advice, or pointers, aside from the usual combing corporate websites and social networking?"
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Working as an I.T. contractor in a war zone

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  • Yes, the amount of money you will make on a weekly or monthly basis is impressive. BUT, consider life insurance, health insurance, disability income insurance, if they war reaches out and touches you. What happens if your taken hostage? The reason you're paid well is because if something bad happens you're on you're own. Hope this perspective is helpful, jim

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