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Nom du Keyboard writes: How many incandescent light bulbs have you replaced in your house with fluorescent equivalents?

None – and never will.
Waiting for LEDs/Light Bulb Next.
I use pre-incandescent lighting technology
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  • I may be a nerd, but I'm not Bill Gates. Every dollar I don't have to give the electric company is a dollar I can give the beer company. Buying incandescants is short sighted (penny wise, pound foolish) and stupid.

    Incandescants no longer have any drawbacks, and are superior (for lighting) to heat lamps disguised as lighting in every way. They even have three way CFLs now (have two in my living room).

  • I have a dimmable, white light LED bulb [] in every overhead fixture in my apartment. It's wasn't cheap but it was worth it for the energy savings. They put out a much better light then the CFLs and they are dimmable, but they dim grey not amber the way an incandescent does. That takes getting used to.

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