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+ - Opera 11.60 "Tunny" released with Ragnarök HT->

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iZarKe writes "Version 11.60 of Opera Browser for Desktop was released today. Significant changes is the inclusion of their new HTML5 rendering engine "Ragnarök", a revamped address bar, full ECMAScript 5.1 support, support for CSS3 Radial Gradients (finally) and a very revamped Mail panel. Originally, these features were set to be released with their next major version, 12.00. However, due to more work needed for the hardware acceleration feature also to be included in Opera 12, the 11.60 intermediary release came to be, as they didn't want to hold back the other new features for that long a time."
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Opera 11.60 "Tunny" released with Ragnarök HT

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