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Submission + - Delightful video of astronauts during a space stat-> 2

The Bad Astronomer writes: "On October 26, the International Space Station underwent a reboost, moving it into a higher orbit to compensate for atmospheric drag. During the firing, the astronauts onboard had a little fun with the physics of acceleration. This video is destined to be shown in high school physics classes for years."
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Delightful video of astronauts during a space stat

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  • "Physics! It’s not only cool, it can also save your $100 billion science project."

    This money could have been used to send probes to Europa or for the Hubble replacement.

    • by dpilot (134227)

      But you know it wouldn't have. It would have far more likely been spent on 6 un-needed, un-wanted weapons programs, another length of border fence that would have never actually been built, a stretch of highway leading to nowhere, and drug subsidies for a rare disorder that nobody actually has.

      The perpetual answer to any, "We could have taken $$$-from-projects-I-don't-like and spent it on projects-I-do-like," argument is that that money, rather than going to projects-you-do-like would have no doubt gone to

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