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Submitted by SharkLaser
SharkLaser (2495316) writes "Silverlight 5 might be last version released by Microsoft. Several industry insiders and partners for the last few weeks have heard from their own Microsoft sources that there won't be new versions released after Silverlight 5. Status on service packs and support for Silverlight is unclear, as Microsoft haven't yet released lifecycle support end date even for the previous Silverlight 4. By their support page they will give full year head-up before ending support. With Adobe ending development of Flash for mobile browsers and Microsoft ending development of Silverlight, HTML5 video looks a lot more promising. But will content providers be able to give out their material without DRM and how does HTML5 perform with non-video side of Flash and Silverlight?"
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Microsoft Killing Silverlight

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  • Combined with Adobe dropping Flash for mobile and TV devices, we have the beginning of the end. Proprietary (and expensive) web media creation tools are giving way to standards-based, open source (and expensive) web media creation tools.

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