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+ - Stallman's Attack On Open Source->

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itwbennett writes: "In a very lengthy article in The Guardian, Richard Stallman answered the burning question of whether Android is free software. The short answer: no. So why did it take Stallman 1,439 words to point out the obvious? One reason may be that 'this was yet another in a long line of recent attacks by the free software leadership on the concept of open source software,' writes Brian Proffitt. 'Not only does Stallman drag out the old Linux would be better if it used the GPLv3 argument,' says Proffitt. 'He also brings out the scary bugaboo the FSF loves to trot out about the Apache Software License:"

The non-release of two versions' source code raises concern that Google might intend to turn Android proprietary permanently; that the release of some Android versions as free software may have been a temporary ploy to get community assistance in improving a proprietary software product. Let us hope does not happen.


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Stallman's Attack On Open Source

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