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George Lucas messing with Star Wars again

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  • I recently watched Ep 5 again and can remember explicitly thinking what a great decision it was to have Vader NOT show any reaction straight away, as it highlighted Vader''s internal conflict.

    Having Vader show any early reaction to the Emperors electrocuting Skywalker would only serve to put the Emperor on his guard against Vader too. It was only possible for Vader to grab and toss the Emperor off the edge because he wasn't even slightly expecting Vader to defend his son.

    The thing that clearly needs fixing

    • by Haedrian (1676506)

      I'd say that the "emperor's electrocuting efforts" were just to make him suffer. The fact that he tried to crush his hope, makes me think that a prolonged painful death is what he was aiming at.

      Its entirely possible that either the bolts were made somewhat more powerful when vader raised him up, or given that vader is basically "more machine than man" damaged the suit.

      What I'd find silly is that due to the *spit* prequels *spit* that the emperor could easily have used some uber-backflipping techniques to ge

      • by jonwil (467024)

        Remember though that the Emperor as seen in Jedi is quite likely much older than the Emperor as seen in the prequels.

    • by Kylon99 (2430624)

      I might add what really needs fixing is George Lucas himself. :)

      Even though I dread to see yet another reboot movie from Hollywood, maybe this is one series that would benefit from that, so long as someone with some skill re-does the series, unconstrained by the story in the prequel and with Lucas totally out of the way...

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