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+ - Apple's plan for life after Steve Jobs-> 3

Submitted by quarterbuck
quarterbuck (1268694) writes "Fortune magazine recently ran a story (pay walled) regarding Apple University, Apple's internal education program. They seem to have hired an ex-Yale Dean to write case studies on how Jobs runs Apple . The aim is to devolve authority down from Jobs while ensuring that everyone at Apple can make decisions like Steve Jobs
Other publications have the same story too."

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Apple's plan for life after Steve Jobs

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  • .....for this glorious day! The Leader is good, the Leader is great, we surrender our will as of this date!
    • Okay, this isn't worth much. But if I had mod points, I would mod you up.
    • :-). I agree with what you said in general.
      The reason I posted this story is that I have heard Joel Podolny talk and he seemed to have a deep knowledge about how companies and people worked. I heard him explain one of his papers, where he studied vineyards in California and found that a lot of high quality wines were sold below cost because the owners of those wine shops enjoyed wine making and the associated cachet. Similarly he talked about companies where people had their economic incentives aligned dir

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