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+ - Scotland Yard IS using facial recognition tech-> 2

Submitted by nonprofiteer
nonprofiteer (1906180) writes "Scotland Yard confirms that it's using facial recognition technology to identify rioters in London. "A law enforcement official, who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said that facial recognition is one of many tools police are using to hunt suspects still at large."

Meanwhile, the vigilante group trying an amateur stab applying facial recognition to the riot photos abandoned the project because the results sucked:

This is the big test of the surveillance state that London has become. Are all those cameras effective, or just taking a toll on privacy without bringing added security?"

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Scotland Yard IS using facial recognition tech

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  • Step 1) Get everybody to put their own profile picture up on social networking sites Step 2) Government collect all pictures into database Government now has a huge database they can check against to solve any crimes, or just find the people saying things they don't like.
  • taking a toll on privacy without bringing added security?
    cameras don't add security for the citizens, that is, if someone's gonna get mugged, the camera won't stop it. The number of convience store robbers caught on tape is proof that cameras are not a deterent.
    What it adds is statistical accuracy to the reports written by the cops as they examine each victim's violent death.

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