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An anonymous reader writes "Cloud storage is the “in” thing at the moment. Offloading your applications and storing all your data offsite is becoming increasingly cheap to do for the end user, plus it means a theft or fire on-site doesn’t mean all your data is lost.

In order to offer such cloud services data centers need to be packed full of processing and storage equipment which costs money to buy, setup, and run 24 hours a day. One company trying to cut those costs as much as possible is Backblaze. They offer an online backup service with unlimited storage for as little as $3.96/month.

In order to offer this service with unlimited data at such a low price, Backblaze has had to come up with its own data center storage pod. Better yet, they are more than happy to share the design with everyone so they can build their own pods, something institutes like Harvard’s Clean Energy Project are more than happy to take advantage of.

The first Pod Backblaze developed could store 67 terabytes of data, but they’ve recently updated the design to double the storage capacity for a lower overall build price and much faster system. The end result is the Backblaze Storage Pod 2.0 that can store 135 terabytes of data for a build cost of just $7,384."

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Backblaze build 137TB server for $7384

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