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aubrey185810 writes "A virtual assistant is the same with administrative, secretarial, and clerical support, creative and technical services for clients in which the services are done online.
Today, several companies are offering a virtual office services. Some business centers offer small company. They offer furnished office space that has telephone, fax, and receptionist services.
When you are a virtual assistant, you should work in an ongoing relationship with your clients as people who you are working with daily. You should have to get closer with your client as you become the right hand of the client that you are assisted. You have to know about his/her business, family and life experiences in order to build a continuous relationship. You should have to share also about your personal life experiences if possible so that your client can also relate with your backgrounds as his/her business partner because the more knowledge and learning you give to clients, the more they will be able to support you in the future and will give value to you as well. You also do secretarial works but even more than that, like some personal matters, you should have to do what the client demanded as a partner. You should always create value to your clients through a professional and dynamic process of learning.
A virtual assistant can also be described as a special job because of the kind of relationship build between a VA and a client. For me, this kind of job is very much exciting and challenging because you will know several people in some several foreign places that you are able to learn much more than what you expected ahead of time."

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Virtual Assistant

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