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kkleiner writes "A group of computer scientists at UC San Diego have developed software, called Sneakey, that can copy keys using digital images taken from large distances, and from almost any angle. In one demonstration they duplicated a key using an image captured on a cell phone camera. In another demonstration, with the help of a telephoto lens they were able to duplicate keys sitting on a café table almost 200 feet away. Incredibly, all of the copies worked when tested out on the relevant locks."
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Keys Can Be Copied From Pictures Taken 200ft Away

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  • This has been possible since the invention of the telephoto lens. The only difference is that they made some software to make it a little faster. Big deal.

    This is about as much news to a locksmith as "Most door locks are about as secure against a knowledgeable burglar as a 'Do Not Disturb' sign."

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