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EVE Online Customers demonstrate in central hub

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  • FYI /., players are freaking out because of a newsletter that had a low-end dev saying "Hm. I think selling actual items for real-world cash might be a good idea", not that CCP actually has plans on selling it.
    • That's Kristoffer
      Touborg saying that - CCP Soundwave. His title is Lead Designer. Hard to call the lead designer of the game a "low-end dev", at least with a straight face.

  • Thousands of players are freaking out because the lead dev talks about how he wants to sell skills and stats that have, until now, only been available by playing the game. As a counter point, a low level dev, who plays the game, thinks the cash shop should restricted to vanity items. The current price of these vanity items, when from the company directly, ranges from $12-$60. In this same leaked document, it's clear that they plan on carrying this ability to buy power over to DUST 514 for the PS3 and which

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