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Submission + - Data-Mining Ban Struck Down by US Supreme Court-> 1

smitty777 writes: The Supreme Court struck down Sorrell vs IMS Health, a law banning data mining which has been in place since 2007. The court ruled that the data on medications prescribed by doctors is protected by the First Amendment and can be used for marketing by the pharmaceutical companies. This follows similar declarations in Maine and New Hamshire.
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Data-Mining Ban Struck Down by US Supreme Court

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  • The information that they just ruled can be openly shared is enough to cross-reference with other such information, like credit card transactions, to produce a list of drugs that a person is taking.

    I bet that if someone data-mined for the list of drugs that each justice were taking and then published it, we'd see more than one resignation from the SCOTUS due to perceived incompetence (some of Scalia's rulings could easily be explained by bad drug interactions!).

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