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+ - Microsoft kills off skype4asterisk module->

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netfr33k writes "Just two weeks since Microsoft acquired Skype and the effects are already being felt, they have decided to kill off the skype4asterisk module that enables a asterisk system to login to Skype as a client and pass voip calls and status information between the two systems.

Of course the reasons for this will never be publicized, but to me its clear that this typical Microsoft behavior, borg, destory anything vaguely related to open source, and tie into their own proprietary crud.

I'm not anti MS as such, we use a lot of their products, but this clearly anti-open-source action just makes me want to avoid handing over money to them.

I only had one license for testing but literally two days ago we decided to go ahead and make a voip pbx system integrating fixed line, sip, and Skype into a single system, we use Skype extensively in our business and one of the most common problems is being skyped while already taking a call on a desk or mobile phone, a problem easily solved using the s4a module, I was really looking forward to radically changing the way we use voice communications and my previous testing showed that some really excellent feature could be implemented.

I suppose my only choice now is to buy all of the per-channel licenses we would need before the July 26 deadline and hope that support continues beyond two years, but no doubt MS will change the protocol to prevent the module from connecting."

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Microsoft kills off skype4asterisk module

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