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+ - Development woes on a Saturday evening->

Submitted by Sla$hPot
Sla$hPot (1189603) writes "Just took a deep look at Android development today.
Thought it would be a good idea to catch up on the latest mobile platform development.
After spending three to four hours going through the documentation feeling ready to spend the rest of the evening doing the tutorial section.
SDK installed, Eclipse (Indigo) has been updated with the latest Android plugin. Ready to go.
First the notorious HelloWorld.
Dead easy. Just three lines of code.
The hit run.. and wait some while the emulator starts.
And then wait some more...15 minutes later a few popups appear asking if you want to wait for the process or close it. Chose wait and wait some more.
The Android screen finally show..But no hello message.
Im sure this means that i should have to have an Android device (instead of my iPhone) to debug through the USB port.
So, I can't spend anymore time on this crap...Where is the iPhone plugin for Eclipse?
Doesn't exist :(
What about Windows Phone 7 then?
Are there any Windows Phone 7 out there?
Why make things so f#% difficult.
If it so hard to make an emulator that performs decently on most systems, why not just make a web enabled emulator (in Eclipse) that just works and performs all the time.
Perhaps one should try out Qt instead.
It does look very impressive, but what are the chances that it will run on any mobile platforms anytime soon if ever? /Moan"

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Development woes on a Saturday evening

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