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+ - Global Warming Skeptics Discover Global Warming-> 7

Submitted by Black Parrot
Black Parrot (19622) writes "A team of Berkely Scientists skeptical of global warming, led by prominent skeptic physicist Richard Muller (and funded by the Koch Brothers) unexpectedly testified to skeptical politicians in the US House of Representatives that theiir results — still preliminary — is finding the same thing mainstream climate scientists have been telling us. Other scientists are unsuprised; the article quotes Peter Thorne (not on the team) as saying "Even if the thermometer had never been invented, the evidence is there from deep ocean changes, from receding glaciers, from rising sea levels and receding sea ice and spring snow cover." However, Thorne criticizes the team for announcing the preliminary results before publishing an peer-reviewed papers on their work."
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Global Warming Skeptics Discover Global Warming

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  • "prominent skeptic physicist Richard Muller" [citation needed] The impression I got from Muller's Physics For Future Presidents lectures is that he's no skeptic of climate change. Apparently, he just saw that some skeptics/denialists were right in pointing faults in the measure system, so Muller's work tries to correct that.
  • Who are these idiots who doubt climate change? Isn't the debate whether climate change is man made or not?
    • by cwebster (100824)

      It should be, but sadly it is not for a lot of people.

      • by polar red (215081)

        1/CO2 is a greenhouse gas. you can TEST THIS FOR YOURSELF. []
        2/man-made annual CO2 : 29.3 billion tons. []

        simple conclusion : humans are the source.
        Extraordinary Claims Demand Extraordinary Proof
        SO : climate change not being man-made needs proof.

        • by SirWinston (54399)

          > 1/CO2 is a greenhouse gas. you can TEST THIS FOR YOURSELF.

          Yes, we all know this. It is correct on a basic level, all other things being equal. And yet, in the real-world atmosphere all other things are NOT equal; we have many buffers and sinks at work, almost none of which we understand fully. Ultimately, we have no way of knowing with our current infantile level of climate science what net effect additional industrial CO2 has on total net irradiance, we can only make incomplete calculations. The I

  • I am one of those idiots. I have two degrees in physics. Climate is a long term thing, and must be measured that way. Short term measurements only hint at what might be happening, not what is. In the 1970s, I listened to the argument that the climate was getting cooler, and we were on our way to a new ice age. Now, I am forced to listen to an equally vehement argument that the exact reverse is true. The truth may be somewhere in between.

    I have no problem with disagreement. It's healthy. Calling people you

    • I take it this was meant to be a reply to me.

      I don't think I phrased it very well. What I meant was who are these people who doubt that the temperature has increased in the past, is not the debate about whether or not it increased before due to man made emissions or due to something else?

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