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Open means something different at Google

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  • by Chyeld (713439)

    When was "It's not ready for release yet" equal to "We'll never give it to you, hahahaha!" - Answer, when someone with an axe to grind wants to spin it negatively.

    • by iluvcapra (782887)

      The definition of open: []

      mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make

      "Not ready for release" in the context of an open-source project has no meaning, it's something they've made up to give them cover.

      • by Chyeld (713439)

        And that's YOUR spin on it, which contrasts with THEIR spin on it that they aren't ready for it to be released in the wild yet because it still needs fixing for the device category that it wasn't designed for and they don't want to kill the brand by letting it out the door broken, only for cheap manufacturers to push it out as is and blame Google if it doesn't work.

        My spin on it matches theirs. Because I get that Open doesn't mean "Immediate access the day it was conceived".

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