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kramer2718 writes: The Most Evil Technology Company
* Microsoft
* Apple
* Google
* Oracle
* Adobe
* Intel
* I, for one, welcome our new corporate overlords
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  • I think it use to be Microsoft, but now Apple is more evil. The thing about Apple is that people like it even though they are being screwed. With Microsoft, they were screwing you, but nobody liked them.
    • It's a close call with stiff competition between the top two contenders, but right now the Evil Pole of the world is in Cupertino, having recently moved there after many years in Redmond.
      The rest are pale imitations of these two, although Oracle and Sony might deserve a dishonorable mention.
  • Aren't they a technology company?
  • Geeknet?


  • Adobe... The only tech company to successfully push a closed standard (Flash). I can run Linux to get away from Apple or MS, but Flash is everywhere.

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