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+ - Best Seller Refuses $500k; Self-Publishes Instead-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Barry Eisler, a NY Times best-selling author of various thriller novels, has just turned down a $500,000 book contract in order to self-publish his latest work. In a conversation with self-publishing afficianado Joe Konrath, Eisler talks about why this makes sense and how the publishing industry is responding in all the wrong ways to the rise of ebooks. He also explains the math by which it makes a lot more sense to retain 70% of your earnings on ebooks priced cheaply, rather than 14.9% on expensive books put out by publishers."
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Best Seller Refuses $500k; Self-Publishes Instead

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  • I read this earlier today, and although the interview is a bit long (~13,000 words), there's a lot of really good information in there. Of course, Konrath is preaching the same gospel he's been at for more than a year now, but it was nice to get Eisler's perspective on a lot of the inner workings of the publishing industry. He also drops a few links that chronicle some of the (rather hilarious) struggles he's been through; one in particular concerned a thriller of his which a French publisher bought the r

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