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+ - Deep Web Wiki: Improving Google's Search Relevance->

Submitted by revbrain
revbrain (192399) writes "There have been many comments about the decreasing relevancy of Google's search results lately. It's possible that Google's own users--through Google Custom Search Engines--might be able to help. One good example is the new Deep Web Wiki site. The DWW started as a directory of "deep web" sites, both un-indexed databases and useful (if unpopular) websites. While interesting, few really search directories any more when they need to find something. However, by mixing an index of "truly useful sites" with a Google Custom Engine, you often have much more relevant results than will ever return with a vanilla search while still taking advantage of Google's substantial crawling capabilities. The effect can be heightened with domain-specific searches; for example, the Deep Web Wiki Health & Medicine site has 42 focused engines that help filter the noise of general popularity. There's been great, unrealized promise in vertical search for some time. Perhaps that's changing."
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Deep Web Wiki: Improving Google's Search Relevance

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