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Bank of America responds to no Linux support

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    "Funny thing - Last night I was watching a show on Hulu.com and the primary sponsor was your company. They had a good advert basically showing folks how they could do their banking from their mobile devices, mentioning by name the Android. I thought, no kidding, I wonder if the legal guys know what "obscure" operating system runs on that! I'm sure you do and I needn't elaborate my point here. I wonder what OLB Service agreement the users of those devices are presented with. Again, Thank you, S. R. 'Skip' Guenter ."

    It really is amazing how an OS like Android can take America by storm and yet Linux with our 1% user base can be left in the dark. But, with a heavy-hitter like Google backing it, it's not exactly a christmas miracle either. If Google made something substantial out of Chrome OS besides a web browser with less functionality than the average consumer wants then maybe for once Linux could gain some headway....but, alas probably not, such is *nix life /emo

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