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+ - Amazon Presents The Grapes of Wrath, RV Edition

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "'If you enjoy living in the outdoors and work well in a fast paced environment,' advertised Amazon last April, 'come join us between October and December at our fulfillment centers.' With the holiday season well underway, Santa's getting some help again this year from the ' gypsies' who live in RVs outside the company's Campbellsville, KY warehouse during the holiday season. The Kentucky Department of Parks helped out Amazon by keeping the Green River Lake State Park campground open during November and December, and adding frost-free water hydrants and wifi for Amazon's Workampers. 'This is another example of how our state parks play a crucial role with economic development in Kentucky communities,' said a state official. It's got kind of a Grapes of Wrath vibe, but to be fair, some workers couldn't be happier with the arrangement."
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Amazon Presents The Grapes of Wrath, RV Edition

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