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+ - Amazon selling Wikileaks Cable documents as a book-> 2

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An anonymous reader writes "Perhaps they didn't filter this book before approving it but a book with the leaks from cablegate is available as a Kindle ebook for download. Many amazon users have written 'reviews' condemning amazon and vowing never to use amazon again. How long before this one is pulled?"
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Amazon selling Wikileaks Cable documents as a book

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  • people are next. The smell of burnt book is not unlike human hair ....... Andy Partridge/XTC
  • The "book" of the cables is only available from the UK Amazon site. It is not present on the US site, nor can US residents purchase it from the UK site. So obviously Amazon's beef with Wikileaks is only here to help its US image, not an actual objection to Wikileaks or their activities.

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