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+ - SPAM: UK SOCA ask for new WikiLeaks arrest warrent

Submitted by spooksRus
spooksRus (849320) writes ""The Swedish authorities today issued a new arrest warrant for Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, following a request by the UK's Serious and Organised Crime Agency" link

"We had an understanding with Scotland Yard of long standing that in the event they wanted to contact Julian Assange they would come to us and we would facilitate a congenial and convenient meeting .. I hope the police remember their undertaking. I've had no indication that anyone wants to talk to Julian at this moment in time; no member of his legal team has had a call from any law enforcement agency" link

"SOCA operates from at least 40 offices across the UK. SOCA officers are empowered to perform a number of surveillance roles traditionally associated with British intelligence services such as MI5, although, unlike MI5 officers, some designated SOCA officers enjoy powers of arrest. SOCA is exempt from the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act" link"

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UK SOCA ask for new WikiLeaks arrest warrent

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