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+ - suffers from DDoS attack, again-> 2

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nmx writes "The domain registrar is the target of yet another DDoS attack, effectively killing most of its customers' businesses:

"On Friday, November 12th we were hit by a distributed denial of service attack (ddos). We are actively working to mitigate the attack and restore services as soon as possible. Every available resource has been deployed to address this malicious attack."

Even for those customers who host their websites elsewhere, DNS is completely broken for the affected domains."

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  • I'm glad I'm still with a 3rd-party DNS provider from when this happened last time (about 2 years ago, I think). is fucking worthless.

  • What can they do? You can not distinguish the legit traffic from the DDoS one if they make valid requests for existing records... ANY DNS server provider would die from this i guess. You are safe until someone targets YOUR DNS servers. All you can do is stay with some obscure provider or roll your own DNS servers to minimize the chance of being a collateral damage in attack on someone else. Once someone attacks YOU specifically, you will be screwed anyway.

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