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+ - Open Movie "Sintel" released for download 2

Submitted by dsavi
dsavi (1540343) writes "A bit more than a year in the making, the open (Short) movie "Sintel" has been released by the Blender Foundation. This is the third "Open Movie", following "Elephant's Dream" (2006) and "Big Buck Bunny" (2008). All the graphics were created with open-source software, mostly in Blender, which was developed substantially in the process of making the film. The files used to create the film will be released later under a Creative Commons license.
Download here, please torrent."
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Open Movie "Sintel" released for download

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  • by dsavi (1540343)
    Sorry, typo. "Elephants Dream", not "Elephant's Dream". (No apostrophe)
    • by dsavi (1540343)
      Another mistake! "This is the third "Open Movie" from the Blender Foundation", not simply the third open movie.

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