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+ - Paper: Novell Has Deal to Sell Itself in 2 Parts-> 3

Submitted by msmoriarty
msmoriarty (195788) writes "The New York Post is reporting this morning that Novell has a "deal in principle" to sell itself to two different buyers. From the article: "A strategic buyer will buy the piece of the software provider that develops and delivers Linux SUSE systems, with a private-equity firm picking up much of the rest.Both deals are expected to close simultaneously and the company will be de-listed,"...according to an anonymous source.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/business/novell_inc_reaches_two_part_sale_lZKRHKFYO5T9cKq9Dy7WQO#ixzz0zcGPmig6"

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Paper: Novell Has Deal to Sell Itself in 2 Parts

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