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+ - 3D image of girl in street used to slow drivers->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Safety organizations are always searching for new ways to get drivers to slow down, but this latest idea may be a step too far. It may even cause accidents.

The BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation has partnered with safety group Preventable to place an optical illusion of a little girl chasing her ball in the street. For drivers it will appear as a 3D image of a girl in the street which they have to decide is real or not.

This experimental idea meant to remind drivers to drive within the speed limit and stay alert will first be seen in a school zone on 22nd Street, West Vancouver. It is made possible due to a $15,000 display that has been installed that allows the girl to be seen most clearly by drivers 30 meters away. Further away it won’t be seen as anything other than a blur, and as you get very close it will disappear."

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3D image of girl in street used to slow drivers

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