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+ - Millions Of ColdFusion Users Still At Serious Risk->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Millions of users of Adobe’s ColdFusion programming language are still at risk of losing control of their applications and websites. Out of the twenty two corporate sites originally surveyed for an exposed ColdFusion admin interface, only two sites have removed the interface with the remaining twenty sites still having the interface exposed. ColdFusion administrators must restrict the admin interface now or their servers will be subject to attacks, also placing their users at risk from uploaded malware. ProCheckUp has now released full details of this advisory so that readers can now see for themselves how trivial it is to fully compromise one of the millions of exposed ColdFusion servers. The advisory demonstrates how penetration testers were able to access every file including username and passwords from a server running ColdFusion."
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Millions Of ColdFusion Users Still At Serious Risk

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