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+ - Battle.NET passwords are not case-sensitive. 1

Submitted by Knifa
Knifa (1048830) writes "Account passwords for Blizzard's Battle.NET service are not case-sensitive as one would expect. The Battle.NET service links Blizzard games into one single unified account, however one would expect this system to be more secure. A blue poster on the World of Warcraft forums confirmed this about a year ago but seemingly nothing has been done about the security risk. Blue post @"
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Battle.NET passwords are not case-sensitive.

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  • If you really think having the password "mYd0g'sNaMe15BriAn!" is any more secure than "mydogsnameisbrian", I assume you haven't ever actually looked in to anything security-related beyond "Some other website told me I needed to have a stupid password"

    head /dev/urandom | sha1sum

    oh no! There are only 16 possible characters in my password! And you know the upper limit of how long it is! How much less secure could I possibly get?!

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