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Submitted by ambrogio boy
ambrogio boy (1852268) writes "Building the Realtime User Experience: Creating Immersive and Interactive Websites [Paperback]
Ted Roden (Author)

Do you want to build truly realtime web applications and experiences? If you do, then this book is for you. Author Ted Roden, has done an outstanding job of writing a book that shows you how to build applications and interfaces that react to user input and input from other servers in milliseconds, rather than waiting for web pages to refresh.

Roden, begins by focusing on the SUP and PubSubHubbub standards. Next, the author looks at realtime experiences on the frontend side of things with regards to dynamically updating your home page to show the latest updates long after the page had been loaded. Then, he shows you how to build a simple river of content feed, with regards to building applications that get the data to users as quickly as possible. The author continues by looking at speed and how to handle huge amounts of data. Next, he shows you how to exploit JavaScript and Tornado to build a fully interactive realtime chat application reminiscent of AOL Instant Messenger. Then, he shows you an example of how to integrate a web-based application with standard instant messaging protocols and programs. The author continues by stepping back from the desktop and venturing out into the real world. Next, he looks at a couple of new analytics packages that allow for monitoring your web traffic in realtime. Finally, the author shows you how to build a location-aware game that is designed to be played with a modern phone that supports geolocation JavaScript API calls.

This most excellent book assumes that youre comfortable with modern web application development, but makes almost no assumptions that you know the specific technologies discussed. In other words, rather than sticking with a simple technology, or writing about building applications using a specific programming language, this book uses many different technologies."
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