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+ - Nexus One A Failed Experiment In Online Sales 1

Submitted by shmG
shmG (1013325) writes "The demise of the Google Nexus One phone is fairly straightforward: a lack of sales killed the product While it will continue to sell through Vodafone in Europe, KT in Korea and a few others, the experiment of Google selling a phone direct to consumers online is dead. "The bottom line is people like to look at phones in the store. Google has a lot to learn about phone sales, this is one lesson they learned,""
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Nexus One A Failed Experiment In Online Sales

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  • While this may have failed for the mass consumer, I don't see why they couldn't, for instance, make the Nexus One an ADP3. Or make their next favorite phone available as an ADP3 or something (the tweaked MyTouch they use for the ADP2 today is really showing its age and becoming more and more irrelevant for modern Android development). Just scale it back massively.

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