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+ - Teaching Developers Testing Skills 1

Submitted by Efialtis
Efialtis (777851) writes "I have a unique opportunity in the next little bit to teach our Developers about Testing.
I have many years Testing experience with Hardware and Software, and I have read many a book.
There is, however, a difference in mentality between Developers and Testers, and some times, trying to bridge that gap is difficult.
I would really like to hear from the SlashDot community about how to get Developers with little or no experience in actual Software Testing to understand the peculiar POV.
Is there a book that I could use for a structured class? Is there some phraseology that would help?
How about just some insight as to the views and feelings Developers have toward Testing? Has anyone done this in the past? What did you use, how did you do it? and most importantly, what was the result?"
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Teaching Developers Testing Skills

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  • by scorp1us (235526)

    Use extreme programming, which over-tests, when they "come back" they will know the value of testing.

    I myself *hated* testing. The idea of writing tests firsts seems silly. But now it doesn't. Once you have a sizeable code base of 10 years and no original developers, the idea of unit testing makes perfect sense. The other day I had to fix a bug for a function that was at the core of our software. Unit tests could tell me what I needed to know - if my fixes fixed the problem but in all other ways worked the

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