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Open Source

+ - Who owns the code? ->

Submitted by nk497
nk497 (1345219) writes "Web app developer Kevin Partner is turning to open source after having some difficulty deciding who owns the code he creates for his clients. "The intellectual property rights to code I write for clients under contract remains with my company even after the client has paid, but in practice I’m happy to agree with the client to hand over the source so they can change developers if they wish: this might include a formal transfer of ownership of the unique parts of the code, or simple agreement to share ownership. What isn’t fair is for the client to benefit from my library code via reduced costs, then also expect to own that code." Now, he's turning to open source, hoping that will solve at least some of the problem. "For all my new projects, the client won't get exclusive ownership of the framework or library code because they'll be open source, but will be free to use them any way they wish without referring to the original developer. That should lance this particularly troublesome boil.""
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Who owns the code?

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