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+ - Mandriva fighting against fate->

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An anonymous reader writes "The vice president of Mandriva NPO wrote an interesting blogpost about the difficulties Mandriva is facing to guarantee its future. The head of the company and the employees seems to be figthing : http://olivier-mejean.fr/WordPress/?p=87

"These last days, the projects have emerged and tensions were very high among employees of Mandriva.

The ghost of a foundation is back on center stage with Wallix (with apparently participation of François Bancilhon and Stanislas Bois in a way that I do not know yet), but if this project was presented to Mandriva, nothing has been done towards the community and again, Arnaud Laprévote did not want to say anything. However, this project seemed very badly put together, including that little should be done regarding social part and business part does not show any modification. Employees reactions have been very mixed (it is a euphemism ).

IEurope also came back to the front of the stage, offering to surrender nearly one and half million euros, but before declaration of insolvency (thus cutting off the foot for a possible takeover) with support rather unexpected of Occam Capital! But again, my little finger told me that the employees were quite reluctant to accept this solution that does not seem to maintain at least the medium term interests of the group’s employees adequately, and the philosophy of Mandriva Linux."

Confidences I have had, these projects did not inspire much confidence."

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Mandriva fighting against fate

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