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+ - Hulu: HTML5 'doesn't yet meet our customers needs-> 1

Submitted by TheReal_sabret00the
TheReal_sabret00the writes: Hulu rolled out an updated version of its video player today, but what you may not have noticed is that the company also took advantage of the occasion to briefly talk about HTML5. In a post on the Hulu blog (which has curiously since been pulled, though it remains in the RSS feed), Hulu's VP of Product Eugene Wei took a moment for an "aside on HTML5," in which he said that while Hulu continues to monitor developments on HTML5, "as of now it doesn't yet meet all of our customers' needs."
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Hulu: HTML5 'doesn't yet meet our customers needs

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  • Heaven forbid they bite the bullet and put the hours in for their site and the web community to get it going... But why do it right when you can do it passably?

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